12 feb. 2016

My creations have a strong subjective nature that nourishes on the visible reality and its stimuli for, through observation, create, undertake, expand and diversify the thematic. Improving, purifying and perfecting the technique, predominating on the creative work the demand of sacrifice, to obtain the great satisfaction of the detail and the subordination of the superfluous, depending on the expressiveness of the whole.

This is the way to express my inner world, giving rise to a critical content that constitutes its core. To search the physical essence of the landscapes and models. My own interpretation of what surrounds me, of the things that make me feel alive. To get the expressiveness that I search in the power of colour, in the stroke and in a very organized disorder, where appears the rejection, present so far, to the emotiveness; and the need neither to force not to transgress within the poetry that breaks through an eminently pictorial activity.

To search for a severe and monotonous beauty in the repetition of the landscape of the olive grove that witnessed my birth, or imagine and create the unknown landscapes and inhabitants of the seabed, are topics widely used in my work, that with the passage of time and new acquired knowledge, have been expanded and contaminated with other influences and artistic disciplines. But maintaining the restlessness and the essences of my beginnings, such as the maintenance of "our environment and its impact on future generations", and the essence and attitude of "not abandoning my own inner world, created in my childhood," help me to create a vital painting.

Antonio Hermán Zurita
trabajo / dossier / formatos / envíos 
Escribir a:  antonioilustracion@gmail.com

*artista visual, pez y olivo.

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